Ten Da Qualities

The 10 Greatest Qualities For Profound Transformation

Course 1: Greatest Love - Transforms All Life

Led by Francisco Quintero, Leading Teacher of Dr. & Master Sha

The Ten Da is the ten Greatest Qualities of Tao.

They carry the love, light, higher-frequency, vibration, and most-positive information of Tao, the Source. Therefore, it holds the potential to transform suffering, challenges, and negativities in all aspects of your life.

The Ten Da are a singular creation, offering the highest universal wisdom and potential for expansion.

Go deeper into understanding this key wisdom of the Ten Da teachings, and discover sacred practices for self-healing with Francisco Quintero. 

See for yourself how the Ten Da Qualities can elevate your daily life.

The solution to transform any kind of suffering or challenge actually starts deep within your vibrational field – within the information that is programming and creating your life experiences. Through transforming the negative information to positive information, you can be empowered to remove suffering, clear blockages, and begin to create and manifest a new reality and experience in your life!

We know, it can be hard to mentally conceive something so powerful that can transform everything! Like it is astronomically difficult to discover a solution or formula that solves all problems…. 

Yet, applying the Ten Da Qualities as wisdom, practice and self-healing tools, thousands of individuals worldwide have experienced powerful transformations, positive results, and priceless benefits in all different areas of life.

The Ten Da Qualities

The Ten Da Qualities can be an unshakeable foundation and invaluable empowerment to support you in creating a life of great purpose, joy, and fulfillment.

  • Da Ai, Greatest Love, which melts all blockages.

  • Da Kuan Shu, Greatest Forgiveness, which brings inner joy and inner peace.

  • Da Ci Bei, Greatest Compassion, which boosts energy, stamina, vitality, and immunity.

  • Da Guang Ming, Greatest Light, which transforms all life.

  • Da Qian Bei, Greatest Humility, which transforms and prevents ego. 

  • Da He Xie, Greatest Harmony, which is the secret of success.

  • Da Chang Sheng, Greatest Flourishing, which is the resources to empower self and others.

  • Da Gan En, Greatest Gratitude, which is the key for progress.

  • Da Fu Wu, Greatest Service, which is the purpose of life.

  • Da Yuan Man, Greatest Enlightenment, which is the greatest achievement in all lifetimes.

Course 1:
Greatest Love – Transforms All Life

Da Ai, Greatest Love, is the first of the ten Tao qualities to transform all life. It carries the greatest wisdom and intelligence that can empower you to live in a healthier and happier way.

This 4-Week Course will include in-depth teachings, wisdom and real-time practice so that you can walk away with a power that when applied properly to your daily life, can bring powerful transformations to your health, relationships, finances, business, intelligence, and soul journey.

In Greatest Love - Transform All Life 4-Week Course, you’ll learn about

Level 1:
What is the Greatest Love?

The power and significance of Greatest Love & Tao Calligraphy; how to apply them to daily life.

Thursday | February 8 | 12:30 - 1:30 pm ET

$10 CAD Only

Level 2:
Apply Da Ai Tao Calligraphy Field for Life Transformation 

Learn cutting-edge spiritual techniques and technologies to transform health and relationships

Thursday | February 15 | 12:30 - 1:15 pm ET

$10 CAD Only

Level 3:
Ancient Sacred Breathing Practic

Unveil an immensely powerful ancient Tao breathing technique for healing and rejuvenation

Thursday | February 22 | 12:30 - 1:15 pm ET

$10 CAD Only

Level 4:
Q&A, Personalized Guidance and Final Blessings

Combine all the wisdom & teachings from all levels, receive blessings and guidance.

Thursday | February 29 | 12:30 - 1:15 pm ET

$10 CAD Only

There’s a special offer of $30 CAD for all 4 levels!

Major Transformation with Minimal Effort

The Ten Da can create powerful new possibilities for you, and empower you to become very adept at creating transformations for yourself on-demand!

Within the courses of this one-of-a-kind program, you will experience:

  • Tao Calligraphy

    (transformative art; culmination of 5000 years of wisdom and practice)

  • Tao Light Treasures

    high-frequency permanent transmission of light to a person)

  • Tao Blessings

  • Access to an even higher-level Tao quantum vibrational field for transforming the negative information to positive information

  • An unique understanding of deeper levels to your core blockages that have been blocking your life

  • Powerful transformation beyond what you can conceive at this time!

Join Francisco Quintero in learning, growing, developing, and transforming together through the wisdom, power, and abilities of the Ten Da, starting with Da Ai – Greatest Love!

Course 1 Starting on Thursday, February 8, 2024

Meet Your Teachers

Francisco Quintero

Francisco Quintero is one of Dr & Master Sha’s most sought-after Leading Teachers. He has been with Master Sha for over 20 years, and was personally trained by him to teach the Tao wisdom and transformative practices. As a certified Master Teacher from the Tao Academy, Francisco himself  has personally trained over 6000+ Tao practitioners worldwide. He is the creator behind the phenomenal transformative course, "Open Your Spiritual Channels'' - a program designed to activate one’s intuitive abilities. As a distinguished writer, he has authored the inspirational self-help book "Divine Joy: How to Experience Joy in Daily Life", and co-authored the New York Times Bestselling book, "Greatest Love", with Master Sha. 

Founded on the Teachings of Dr. & Master Sha

Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha is a Tao Grandmaster, globally-known spiritual teacher, and 11 x New York Times bestselling author. He is the prolific creator of different Tao Technologies, and a renowned award-winning spiritual innovator.

Master Sha is a Grandmaster of many ancient Eastern arts (including Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Feng Shui, and Chinese Calligraphy) and holds an MD in Western Medicine from China. He is also a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and was formerly immensely sought after as a TCM doctor in China. As a 373rd lineage holder of Peng Zu (one of most renowned Taoist saints, aka Chinese Longevity Star), Master Sha was initiated into an ancient spiritual tradition that has been kept alive for more than 5,000 years.

His mission in life is to serve humanity with this wisdom; combining the essence of modern science with ancient Tao teachings to create the cutting-edge Tao Technologies — a collection of different modalities, teachings, and practices to help humanity achieve greater happiness, success and wellness.


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Feeling rejuvenated like I just had a full night’s sleep or a spa treatment! Grateful for this nourishing practice. My breathing feels smoother now. For the past week, I was having labored breathing. Thank you Francisco, look forward to more sessions.”

D. H.
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Wow, for the first time I felt vibrations in my heart during a meditation. So powerful! Thanks.

R. G.
Image Placeholder

The pain in my stomach decreased significantly, after the practice and Tao blessing. Thank you so much, Francisco!

S. S.
Image Placeholder

This is my first time, so it was a bit difficult for me to follow the Tao Calligraphy tracing practice. But once we finished, I felt warm and a huge sense of relief. This is very interesting. Thank you for this lovely experience! Look forward to the upcoming sessions.

L. K.
Image Placeholder

I was having an allergic reaction earlier, and now the swelling and itching has dissipated and is close to being gone. Amazing to see within one practice with Da Ai Tao Calligraphy! Thank you so much!

P. Q.
Image Placeholder

The teachings Francisco shared expanded my view on life. Their relationship and function in our life is important. Thank you.

P. C.
Image Placeholder

My head pressure is 50% less than before the practice we did with animation and tracing Da Ai Tao Calligraphy. I’m so relieved. Thank you so much!

Image Placeholder

I am feeling much lighter and less body pain. I had been feeling under the weather and in pain since last night. This session is so powerful! Thank you Francisco.

S. K.
Image Placeholder

Feeling deeply rejuvenated. It’s amazing to feel the resonance of the light from this practice throughout my body. There are tingling warm sensations traveling from my head, to all the way down to my toes. Thank you!

S. M.

Ten Da Qualities

The 10 Greatest Qualities For Profound Transformation

Course 1: Greatest Love - Transforms All Life

Starting on Thursday, February 8, 2024

Led by Francisco Quintero, Leading Teacher of Dr. & Master Sha


Is this program suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! This workshop is a beginner-friendly introduction to the Ten Da Qualities, each Course focusing on one of the Ten Da Qualities and ancient transformative practices for all.

What is a Tao Light Treasure?

It is a permanent download of higher-dimensional Tao light, love and purest positive frequency. Think of it as an immensely powerful spiritual tool that you can activate anytime with your intention, to create transformation in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. During the Tao Sacred Ancient Movement Course 1, you will be gifted 1 Tao Light Treasure for the Kidneys as part of the registration.

Will there be a recording of the event?

Yes, replay of all Levels will be available until March 7, 2024.

When does registrations close for Course 1? Can I join after classes have already begun?

Registration closes on Thursday, February 15, 11:59 pm ET.

Yes, you can join until 2-weeks even after the course has begun. There is an opportunity for you to catch up on the missed classes by watching the replay.

Does the Ten Da Qualities Program have several courses?


Does Course 1, Greatest Love - Transform All Life have several Levels?

Yes, it has 4 Levels.

Can I register for any of the 4 Courses, or need to do them in order?

You can register for any of the 4 Levels separately or together. They are stand-alones, but we encourage you to attend all of them to get the full understanding. Plus, there is a discount if you register for all 4 Levels at once!

Is Course 1 a prerequisite to attending later courses?


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